The opportunity to grow in Tatonas is very wide open as we have a business from material preparation, production process, to selling products.

As our future investments, we provide facilities and accommodation to create outstanding workers, create powerful future leaders, capable of bringing Tatonas into the challenges of the future. We are also committed to advancing research and development supported by the latest technology.

We strive constantly to build a performance-oriented culture. Your performance will contribute to the achievement of the company’s target. We give equal opportunities to all workers to develop some ideas, creativity and innovate. We provide a vast opportunity for you to develop all your potential and ability. We believe you are capable of performing best.


We recruit reliable workers:

  1. Fresh graduate: Aimed at new graduates from Higher Education (Bachelor / Diploma) and High School (SMA / equivalent). We set up a conducive environment to know the company, all our business and values.
  2. Experienced personnel: To meet our needs for specific skills and experience.

Why Tatonas

  • Experienced more than 20 years in the materials testing, hydrology and climatology industry.
  • Having a production business down to product marketing.
  • Provides a vast opportunity to:
    • Develop ideas, creativity and innovation
    • Role: Increase operational quality, build new systems to business development
    • Improve ability and explore opportunities to develop themselves through challenging tasks
  • Opportunities to improve competence include: gaining training and other learning.
  • Total competitive remuneration: wages, benefits, facilities and other benefits.

You are our precious asset that will accelerate the achievement of Tatonas vision to become a leading Manufacturer of Material Testing, Hydrology, Climatology, and guarantee the growth and continuity of our business in the future.

TATONAS, a company engaged in the production of Material Testing equipment, Hydrolog and Climatology in Yogyakarta opens the opportunity for the Best Candidate for a career with us in the following positions:

1. Sales Executive

  • Job description:
    • Responsible for acquiring new customers and managing old customers
    • Distribute and manage media campaigns and visits to various agencies / customers
    • Make periodic sales reports and sales activities
  • Requirement:
    • Education D3 / S1 All Programs (preferably Civil Engineering) Have high fighting power
    • Able to build relationships / networks with Government Agencies
    • Have good communication and negotiation skills
    • Preferably have experience in marketing of engineering tools

2. Android Programmer

  • Job description:
    • Build an Android-based mobile app
    • Completed the application within the specified time
    • Bug monitoring and remodeling
  • Requirement:
    • Education min D3 / S1 Computer / Informatics Engineering
    • Experienced in programming on the Android Platform
    • Understand Map-based programming
    • Understanding Database programming
    • Able to work in team

3. Embedded Software Engineer

  • Job description:
    • Develop a microcontroller program for the product
    • Test the created microcontroller program
    • Create a design layout tool to be produced
    • Determine the components to be used for tool making
  • Requirement:
    • Education min D3 / S1 Electrical Engineering / Mechatronics
    • Preferably mastering Microcontroller Programming, ARM Cortex
    • Experience in electronics is preferred

Job application can be sent via email: