Untuk mengukur kadar lumpur atau kadar debu pada material agregat halus atau tanah. (For indicating relative proportion of clay like material and fine dust in granular soil or graded aggregate).



Kelangkapan & Fitur

TA-600.1 Graduated Cylinder Transparent fibre glass 1¼” i.d., 1½” o.d., 17” height with scale 2 pc
TA-600.2 Stock Irrigation Rubber stopper, siphon tube, blow hose, irrigation tube 1 set
TA-600.3 Weight Foot Assembly Machined Brass 1000 gr weight, sand reading indicator 1 set
TA-600.5 Carrying Case Wooden case with handle. 1 pc
TG-518 Thin Box Aluminium 55 mm dia., 35 mm height 2 pc
TG-530 Funnel Plastic 1 pc