Untuk menetukan nilai perlawanan konus serta hambatan pelekat. (For determination cone resistance and
friction of soil layer).


Kelangkapan & Fitur

TS-210.1 Press-in Apparatus Steel construction, manually operated 5 tons capacitywith two handle 1 set
TS-210.2 Sounding Rod Machined steel, 1 m effective length 20 pcs
TS-210.3 Plunger Rod Solid bar, 15 mm dia., 1 m length 20 pcs
TS-210.4a Push Adaptor Machined steel 1 pc
TS-210.4b Pull Adaptor Machined steel with screw 1 pc
TS-210.5a Spiral anchor Machined steel, welded, 1.25 m length,12” Blade dia., 11/4” solid bar dia. 4 pcs
TS-210.5b T-piece Machined steel, welded 1 set
TS-210.5c Turning Rod Machined steel, 1.25” dia., 1.5 m length 1 pc
TS-210.6 Mantel Cone (conus) hardened machined steel,60 angel, 35.7 mm dia ? 1pc
TS-210.7 Friction Cone (bi conus) hardened machined steel,with friction jacket,60 angel, 35.7mm dia. 1pc
TS-210.8 Wrenches Set Pipe wrench (2), adjustable wrench (1), spanner wrench (1),chuck wrench(1), screw driver (1), oil can (1), steel brush (1), piston wrench (1), seals tape (2), oil (1), funnel (1), steel box (1)
TS-210.9a Long Fasten Press Beam Canal 1.5 m length, 10 cm width 2pcs
TS-210.9b Short Fasten Press Beam Canal 1 m length, 12 cm width 2pcs
TG-402 Manometer 100 kg/cm2 capacity, calibration 1 pc
TG-405 Manometer 600 kg/cm2 capacity, calibration 1 pc