Untuk menentukan nilai koefisien permeabilitas tanah. (For determining coefficient of permeability of soil).



Kelangkapan & Fitur

TS-370C.1 Sample Chamber Transparent fibre glass 44 mm id.,180 mm height 3 set
TS-370C.2 Frame Stell Construction With Board Stand Metal Base 1 set
TS-370C.3 Watertank Transparent fibre glass , Suport With Connector, Transparan Hose 1 pc
TG-304 Graduated Cylinder Glass,100 ml Capacity 3 pcs
TG-432 Stop Watch 0.01 second sensitivity 1 pc
TS-370C.4 Porous stone 44 mm dia.,With seal ring 6 pc
TS-370C.5 Sample Tubes 44 mm id.,40 mm heigt 1 pc
TS-370C.6 Extruder Nylon 44 mm dia., 1 pc
TS-370C.7 Burrete Glass,100 ml, Set on Board with valve operation easily 3 sets